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The Story

ARLEQUIN | Classic cuisin with regional and local flavours

Classic cuisine with regional and local fla vours

French gourmet cuisine
With large portions of Lebanese traditions
and generous servings of various delicacies.


One might think of Arlequin as a hybrid of the best this part of the world has to offer-classic cuisine with regional and local flavours.

Born in Lebanon in 1948, Arlequin grew up with mixture of French and Lebanese cooking traditions
Specializing in melt-in-the-mouth pastries and savouries reminiscent of both Parisian sidewalk cafes
and lazy afternoons in a Beirut bistro.

When the time came to expand overseas, Arlequin chose to open in Abu Dhabi.

It was 1976 and Arlequin thrived in the early days of quite camaraderie among the nationals
and expats in the capital city. 

Soon, Arlequin’s French pastries, Lebanese savouries and Arabic sweets were literally 
on everyone’s lips, creating a firm foundation for gourmet cuisine in the UAE.

45 years of excellence
In the restaurant & catering business

Arlequin has created a reputation for delicious cuisine and excellent customer service. (Bold)

In the UAE for the past 45 years to complete over 60 years of experience in the Middle East.

Those years were very enlightening for Arlequin, noticing how people of all ages and nationalites have taken gourment cuisine to heart.

Every occasion became special when celebrated with Arlequin’s French, Lebanese confections.

One can say that Arlequin has been, and always will be, an essential of Abu Dhabi society.
Baking pastries for breakfast and serving hearty lunches and dinners every day; catering, 
Receptions, small and large events, and so much more.

Arlequin provides a whole range of catering services with
widespread menu selection for various occasions such as:

Offices Lunch packs
Daily Lunch Menu
Dinner packs
Parties & Events 

Fresh and ready to satisfy every taste and budget

Arabic sweets
Cakes for various special occasions ( Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversaries, etc)
Cupcakes (regular and designed)
Petit fours
Cocktail food items, 
Finger snacks
Custom made ideas

May it be small as a breakfast setting or as huge as a VIP conference or even events.
Team at Arlequin promises & provides mouth watering delicacies in a charming & vibrant manner. 

We have a diverse Menu 
Of clients and partners

Local  & International Bakeries
Hypermarkets & Supermarkets 
Hotels & Resstaurants
Prestigious Club Houses
Corporations, Banks & Embassies
Schools & Colleges

Arlequin continues to provide the highest quality of gourmet cuisine combined with the highest standard of professional service, and always, with a considerate eye at your budget .




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Arlequin Caterers

Beside Etihad plaza , opposite Etihad Aviation Training Center. Khalifa city.